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Make 2018 YOUR year: New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

The beginning of a new year brings with itself new aspirations and an opportunity for us all to meditate, reflect on our choices, and plan for the coming year. Setting yourself some New Year’s Resolution is a great way to keep yourself in track with all your goals in life and making sure you’re evolving and progressing as a person. Here are 5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas that you can set yourself for a happy and healthy 2018:

Get Fit:

The good ol’ resolution that will make its way to most people’s list – Getting fit has way more to it than just joining a gym and having protein shakes every day. Your fitness journey can involve just engaging in any physical activity you enjoy on a regular basis. This could range from skipping ropes, to running marathons, to lifting weights. This year, make sure you’re giving your body the diet and the activity it needs to stay fit– and for you to be healthy and happy!

Turn Off Your Phone:

While technology continues to make a huge impact on us and on the way we go about things in our daily lives – it’s important to just sit back and reflect on just how much it should be consuming you. Are you on your phone so much that you’re missing out on the beauty of communicating with people in your life? This year, make sure you are limiting the time you spend on your smartphones just a little bit and spend more time with nature and your loved ones instead.

Read More:

Intellectual nourishment is a very important need of your mind and soul. Amidst the political turmoil that the whole world is currently seeing itself in, if there’s one thing that could make a huge difference – it would be more well-read and well-educated people. This year, make sure you are not just reading more yourself but also encouraging everyone around you to read what you love. Set up a goal for how many books you want to read throughout the year, and try to stick to it consistently.

Learn A New Skill:

If you’re too caught up in your busy daily life to have allowed yourself to get out of your comfort zone, make 2018 the year you finally muster the courage. This year, make sure you are investing in learning a new skill. This could be anything from baking, to doing an HTML course, to learning a new language. Just make sure you’re learning a new skill that isn’t strictly related to your work.

Pave Your Own Path:

Stuck in a terrible job? Can’t get out of a dysfunctional relationship? Let 2018 be the trigger to getting you out of anything that’s holding you back or bringing a negative energy. Learn to take independent, courageous steps that pose a risk and push you out of your comfort zone. Remember, an uncomfortable beginning is always better than being stuck in the same cycle for too long. Make sure you’re giving yourself to grow and evolve over time rather than wallowing in the same situations and suffering with the same people. Let 2018 be a year of positive beginnings. Happy New Year!


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