Best Makeup Products for Acne Prone Skin


Looking at all the products in the cosmetics section, you can’t help yourself but envy the people who are fortunate enough to use them. You, on the other hand, are still looking for the right products that would help control the oil on your skin without causing a problem for the skin which has a profound love for acne for some reason. We understand the struggle and this is why we have compiled some of the best makeup products in the market designed for your sensitive acne prone skin.

Acne - Prolong wear foundation by M.A.C

Prolong wear foundation by M.A.C

Going for powder based foundations will give you a dull looking makeup look and that is something you don’t want. This particular foundation by M.A.C stays on for the whole day without cracking or creasing on your skin. It perfect consistency which falls between creamy and runny is best suited for your oily skin.

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Acne - Weightless concealer by Urban Decay

Weightless concealer by Urban Decay

If you are planning on using a concealer to get an evenly toned skin then go for the one which is designed to give you full coverage. This particular paraben-free product by Urban Decay is perfect for acne prone oily skin as it helps conceal without causing any skin irritation.

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Acne - Face studio primer by Maybelline

Face studio primer by Maybelline

People who have an acne problem are always fighting to find products that would cover the pimples and blemishes on their face. This color correcting primer by Maybelline is designed for sensitive skin and works wonders to cover their acne naturally.

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Acne - Herbal compact powder by Lotus

Herbal compact powder by Lotus

People who are used to seeing oil sprout on their skin would know the blessings of a compact powder. This compact powder by Lotus is herbal and uses no harsh chemicals to give the skin a natural radiance. Designed for women of all ages, it controls oil and keeps the makeup intact without causing the skin any harm.

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Acne - Palette for face and eyes Physicians Formula

Palette for face and eyes Physicians Formula

People with oily skin and that too which is prone to acne are often scared of using fancy eye shades. Not only does it smudge around with oil but also looks really messy after a couple of hours. This particular brand solves the problem for people with oily skin and gives them a lot of colors to experiment with in their paraben-free and hypoallergenic formula.

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Acne - Blush by NARS

Blush by NARS

It is one of the best makeup brands that you can find around and when it comes to oily acne prone skin it has products for that too. There are a wide variety of blushes that you can get hold of to give your cheeks a natural tint without clogging the pores.The powdered texture helps you avoid the cakey creamy finish and gives a natural look.

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These products have been tried and tested by women of all ages and have proven to be the best amongst the best. For more information on the kind of products that you should use depending on your skin type, log in to our website today.

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