Is This Man Zac Efron Or Another Celeb Doppleganger?!

zac efron lookalike


Blink once, twice and still the question remains – is this Zac Efron’s secret Instagram account or is this man a Zac Efron Lookalike? This private Instagram account by the handle of @juanceponce is hard, but not impossible to access. It is the photos posted by the Instagram account holder that causing women and men the world over to swoon and scratch their heads in unison! Any loyal High School Musical fan will swear that “Juance Ponce” is none other than 30 year-old singing and acting star, Zac Efron, himself.

Zac Efron Look Alike Zac Efron Look Alike Zac Efron Look Alike Zac Efron Look Alike Zac Efron Look Alike Zac Efron Look Alike

Looking closer, could it be that the pictures on the @juanceponce instagram account have been doctored by Photoshop?! From the golden-sandy highlighted locks to the crinkle-eyed stare, Zac and Juance share the same gorgeous physical features that make the crooner everyone’s favorite heart throb. These two handsome men can definitely pass for cousins if not long-lost brothers! Whether it is a photoshop job or not, this discovery has led to a few minutes of harmless entertainment, so no harm and no foul, right?

Stranger things do happen online when celebrities and fans collide- so what if this is a little photoshop job? Browsing through the pictures posted on the @juanceponce profile, it does seem like Zac has gained a few pounds- if so, this is an unbelievable coincidence! Hey Zac, if you are ever looking for a body double for an upcoming action flick or perhaps Baywatch 2, try calling in @juanceponce for the gig.  We are pretty sure the audience will believe it’s you – 99% of the time! Well not a surprise to all of us, the images are actually photoshopped! turns out @juanceponce decided to edit Zac Efron’s gorgeous face onto another gorgeous man’s face @joecollier1992! Damnit, that would have been so cool.

Last night with me Julie in the big city. Cheers!

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Unlike Zac Efron’s fake lookalike there is another lookalike surfacing on the web who is actually real! Take a look at @sofisolars pictures and she will have thinking its Selena Gomez, down to the same hairstyle! Could this be another case of a fake instagram account with photoshopped pictures of Selena’s face pasted on another girl’s body? Zoom in and zoom out, it is pretty clear that while @sofisolars is not the world’s hottest social media star, Selena Gomez, she can pass for her in a crowded party or at a  wild musical concert. They both share amazing skin, gorgeous deep chocolate brown eyes and perfectly-styled hair; it is easy to see why people were confusing @sofisolars for Selena Gomez from the get go! @sofisolars must be used to random Selena fans walking up to her in the street and asking for photographs. Imagine that! Getting (almost) all the perks of celebrity without doing any of the work.

Being a famous face does not mean it is all fun and games! Celebrities have entire teams of PR professionals managing cases of photoshopped pictures and mistaken identities that are meant to harass the celebs or confuse their naive followers on social media.

Bueno mejor dejaré esto por aquí 🖤🌝💕

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These two doppelgangers -slash- Instagrammers, @sofisolars and “@juanceponce”,  join the ranks of hundreds of everyday folks who “resemble” celebrities, which may be nothing more than a fun story to tell their grandchildren one day. Especially @juanceponce , goodluck with that?

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