What your Favorite Youtuber’s think about Kylies $360 Brushes

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Kylie 360 brushes

What your Favorite Youtuber’s think about Kylies $360 Brushes

Kylie Cosmetics has been one of the most talked about makeup brand in 2017. Kylie Jenner is launching new products every now and then, and she just launched her $360 brush set. The internet went crazy at the price point and so many beauty gurus did a full review on them. A lot of big Youtuber’s already did a complete review of the kylie brushes. So, let’s have a look at their reactions:

Jeffree Star

We all know that Jeffree Star is one of the most brutally honest beauty gurus out there. Right off the bat, he was not at all happy about Kylie’s brush set. Since Jeffree has a brand himself, he clearly stated that he is well aware of the production cost of making makeup brushes and Kylie has her brush set priced super high. Jeffree was very disappointed with the packaging as he said it felt super cheap. He did find the brushes soft but certainly not the softest brushes to exits. For him, the foundation brush took a bit more time than normal to blend out the foundation. Jeffree noticed that there was no lip brush and with Kylie being the queen of lips, she should have done that. He did like the eyeshadow brushes but in the end, did not recommend his followers to purchase the brush set as it is not worth the $360.

Manny MUA

Manny was shaken when he first saw how expensive the brushes were. Just like Jeffree, he also said that the packaging and brushes did not look expensive or feel luxurious. He said that she could definitely have gone cheaper with the markup. He was also quite offended when Kylie compared her brand to Mac and justified that if Mac can sell expensive brushes, so can she. There was no actual concealer brush but Manny did use something that looked similar and said that it was very harsh and poked him underneath the eye. He concluded that the brushes do work, but are not worth $360.

James Charles

James is not usually a fan of brush sets, as you may already know if you follow him. During his review, he used the Kylie brushes to do makeup on one side of his face and compared them with Morphe dupes. If one was to buy the exact Morphe dupes, they would save a total of $245. And we all know how amazing Morphe brushes are! James said that the brushes, especially the foundation brush soaked up a lot of the product. Both sides of his face looked exactly the same after the entire makeup was done, which means that there was no actual difference between the application of both Kylie and Morphe brushes. Like Jeffree and Manny, he also did not recommend the brush set to his followers.

Laura Lee

Laura also found the packaging to be cheap. She did find the brushes to be soft, but not too soft. She also noticed that there was no liner or concealer brush in the set. She was amazing with the powder brush being $48 and the little fan brush to be $20. In the end, she said that nobody is forcing you to buy the expensive brush set, so it’s completely up to you. If one is willing to spend that much money on brushes, they can go ahead but she wouldn’t personally recommend it.


Nicol actually really liked the Kylie brushes. Since she has dry skin, she doesn’t really use brushes for blending out her foundation, concealer or cream contour. However, she felt that the Kylie brushes did an amazing job and she did not have to smooth out everything with her beauty blender. She said that the Kylie brushes were up to Morphe standards and she was super impressed with them. She recommended the brushes to anyone having dry skin like her.

This is what your favorite Youtuber’s think of the Kylie brush set that retails for $360! What are your thoughts on it?

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