Influencer Spotlight: Interview With Instagrammer April 

Interview with April

Influencer Spotlight: Interview With Instagrammer April

April is a popular Instagram influencer and model, her beauty and fashion-focused Instagram account with over thirty thousand followers is only increasing due to her on-going goals of gaining great friendships and putting her award-winning personality online. She is known for her beachy sun-kissed inspired shoots of her in stunning locations and is admired for her incredible style.

Check out our exclusive interview with April as she gives us all the info on her amazing journey, her interests and how she’s come so far!

How did you get started in modeling and posting photos on Instagram?

I don’t think I can really remember the exact moment I started but my mom has always been into modeling and taking pictures so I just kind of grew up in that atmosphere

Who made you want to start, does someone influence or inspire you?

When I started my Instagram it wasn’t set out to be anything much, I used it as an outlet to talk about self-love and really talked about confidence and suicide awareness. My old username was @godsprincess098 and as cringe and middle school as that may come across, I truly believe that because I chose to portray my image as God coming first and me second, I was able to grow and reach more people. Right now I’m more focused on lifestyle and pursuing modeling through my page but I hope to bring back some of the aspects I built my page on.


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What’s the most challenging part of being “Instagram Famous”?

I would say the most challenging part for me is that people will treat me differently in real life just because of the follower count I have on social media. I get put in so many awkward positions and it’s annoying when people try to hang out with me or become my friend just so we can take pictures together or so I can take them to an event or something. It starts to get really tiring and difficult trying to figure out who actually wants to be friends with me (because they genuinely care about me) or who just want something from me.

Can you tell me ways social media has affected your career?

Social media has helped me create a huge platform where I can pursue my modeling/marketing career and it has helped me so much by making it possible to network and connect with people all over the world.

Do you get hate on Instagram, if so how do you handle it?

I do get hate on Instagram, the way I deal with it is honestly the way I try to deal with hate even in real life. I just remind myself that these people do not know who I really am and they are truly just hating because they have nothing better to do. I always say that people don’t hate on people who are below them. No one takes time out of their day to give hate to someone who is not on their level. If someone is hating, it’s because they want the opportunities or success that you have and that only pushes me to work harder and care less about what people think of me.

in ur dreams

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If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

AHH, I LOVE THIS QUESTION. I would want to be a stingray! They’re my favorite animals. They get to live in the water and they’re so cute and sweet but they also have a stinger so they can attack like a queen if they need to hahaha.

How do you take the perfect selfie, do you have a strategy?

Hmmm IM HONESTLY KINDA BAD AT SELFIES hahaha but my perfect selfie strategy is to stand in front of a window so you have direct lighting and just to take a bunch until you find one you like. I don’t know if people get a good selfie after only taking 3 but it takes me like 300 to find one I like!



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Is there a theme or message you aim to portray through your selfies?

My page is set up as more of a lifestyle page so I would say my theme right now is a tropical & lifestyle type theme, but I would like to convey a more inspirational and personal type message soon I’m just trying to figure out how to transition over

Could you name me some tips you can share on getting noticed on Instagram?

I think a huge way to grow your page is to be active with your followers. engage as much as you can and try to express yourself and what you love through your page.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Pink!! It’s my favorite color

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I can’t think of the funniest thing recently but I HAVE A FUNNY STORY. I was in my drama class and my teacher was setting up improv scenes and she decided on a scene between a married man and his slutty mistress and she calls me out in front of the entire class and says “April is perfect for this character she even dressed the part” AND IM JUST SITTING THERE LIKE UMMM WHAT DO YOU MEAN LADY THIS IS MY NORMAL OUTFIT LMAO

What do you work toward in your free time?

I’m a full-time college student and I’m working towards a degree in Social Media Marketing/Business. I am also in the process of designing and creating my own bikini line.


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