Kate McKinnon’s Impression of Gal Gadot is Comedic Genius!

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Kate Mckinnon Impressions

Kate McKinnon Does an Impression of Gal Gadot and it’s Comedic Genius!

The biggest star to come out of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon, is the indisputable queen of comedic impressions. McKinnon’s impression of 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” went viral during the election week on SNL’s weekly broadcast. Her black and white CK-inspired spoof ad as millennial heartthrob Justin Bieber has won McKinnon’s fans across the globe, including ‘The Biebs’ himself!

Kate McKinnon’s latest inspiration for her particular brand of deadpan impersonation is no other than the star of the Wonder Woman franchise, Gal Gadot. Gadot’s star has risen to new heights in 2017 after her debut as the lead of Wonder Woman. McKinnon sat down for a hilarious interview with the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’s host, Jimmy Fallon, in a hot-red pantsuit and nailed Gadot’s unique speaking style, complete with an Israeli accent to perfection. It all began when Fallon asked McKinnon who was the most recent guest host of SNL’s weekly comedy show. That was all it took for McKinnon to launch into a spotless rendition of Gadot’s distinctly sophisticated mannerisms and innate coolness. While relating the experience of working with the real-life Wonder Woman, McKinnon said that she and her SNL co-star Aidy Bryant were blown away by her presence on their set. McKinnon jokingly gushed that “Okay now we know that we are Midwestern toads compared to this Mediterranean goddess” and then went back into character as Gal Gadot relating her numerous hobbies while twirling her long hair.

McKinnon’s skill at comedic impersonation has won her numerous accolades, but the ultimate win was when her impersonation of Hillary Clinton singing ‘Hallelujah’ was mentioned in Clinton’s memoir. The comedian was in sheer awe of the acknowledgment and describes with genuine excitement (as well as her trademark humor) how she heard the mention while listening to Clinton’s audiobook walking down a Manhattan street.

McKinnon’s take on Hillary Clinton during SNL skits show her immense talent. The heart-to-heart chat between the real Clinton and McKinnon’s impersonation in a bar was one of SNL’s most-watch comedic skits of all time. Clinton, as the bartender Val, doles out one last drink to McKinnon’s Clinton and tries to give her some much-needed perspective in highly-animated election season.

Hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on SNL’s cold open, McKinnon hilariously mimics Ellen as she twists, turns and gyrates on the stage.

Acting as Shakira, McKinnon’s version of the yodeling superstar leaves viewers in stitches as she tries to sing-talk to a clueless contestant on The Voice.

Kate McKinnon recently done one of her most controversial impersonation as of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway as “Kellywise”- a spoof on Pennywise the Clown from the It horror film franchise. This parody shows Conway trying to scare Anderson Cooper into getting her on his show and promising him a “”I’ll give you quote — I’ll give you crazy, crazy quote”. McKinnon also appears as Hillary Clinton in this Halloween-themed sketch, but it is a blink-and-you’ll -miss it performance.

Whether playing one of the world’s most famous political figures or dancing as a lovable daytime show host, Kate McKinnon has the chops to wow audiences with her incredible impressions.

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