Instagram Poses – Best Techniques to Take Amazing Selfies

instagram poses

Instagram Poses – Best Techniques to Take Amazing Selfies

Instagram Poses, oh one of the worlds greatest struggles! Everyone wants to look like an Instagram beauty guru. Whether we like it or not, every time we stumble across a selfie we always try to picture how we would look trying to pose like they do. This article is going to teach you the perfect poses to make you feel confident. Browsing through Instagram I’ve stumbled across the following types of styles you can try, remember your selfies will always turn out different because you are not them. Realising that you too are beautiful in your own way is the start of taking a bomb ass Instagram selfies!

Hand on Chin

Recently gotten your nails done? this would be a great way to show them off. This Pose can be done whilst standing up, laying down, whatever way you want to rock it! This Instagram pose is a great way to draw attention away from other parts of your face as the focus has now changed.

Feeling like a manga💭😼

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Shoulder Up

Looking for something more natural, then this pose is for you. This is probably one of the easiest poses to achieve, just make sure you don’t put your shoulder too high or it could end up looking forced, and no one wants that!

Hi fam⛄️

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Eyes Down Makeup Up

One of the greatest ways to show off your makeup is by closing your eyes. This pose might be quite an odd one to pull off so you need to make sure your lighting is good.  When doing a pose light this, making sure your other features look good are important. Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of selfies, so taking that away would mean making your hair stand out or showing off your makeup!

Goofy Goober

If you don’t take yourself too seriously, give this pose a try! It never goes unnoticed on Instagram to pose in a way which makes yourself seem more human! People will like something which they can relate too, whether that be a relatable quote or a silly face!

Pumping Hair

Nothing is more fun than having a reason to show of your hair! This pose is a great way to add volume to the back of your hair and to draw more attention to your face. Featured below, you can see that her hair looks absolutely amazing, and this show-stopping pose is why!

Close Up!

Closing up onto your face can be one of the most successful selfie techniques! By doing this you highlight all of your beautiful features, and if you’re interested in makeup this is a fantastic way to show off your canvas.


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Grab An Item!

Whether it be a lolly, a rose or a book. Using an item in your photo can make the photo twice as cute! If you’re going to take an Instagram selfie you may as well get creative and do something which stands out.

Grab Your Pet!

Personally, this is one of my favorite kind of Instagram poses! Not only is this a great way to show off your cute sidekick, but it also highlights how beautiful your features are.

My pretty baby

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