Fishtail Brows

fishtail eyebrows

Fishtail Brows

I’m sure if you’re reading this you must have seen the now so popular “Fishtail Eyebrows” taking over your social platforms, As the creator of this new trend, I feel like I need to explain everything! Let me just start from where it all began, Monday. I started off the morning on the train catching up with Americas Next Top Model as one does… I noticed one of the models Rio Summers had a peculiar slit in her eyebrow where it cut off at the beginning and then went upwards. Personally, I thought it was wicked and I was massively inspired.

I then took her creative idea and one-uped it by extending the slit so it went over the corner of the eyebrow to create a different look to hers. I was torn between naming the style of the eyebrow… It was either going to be fishtail eyebrows, devil eyebrows or horn eyebrows. But I thought I it would be safe to go with Fishtail, I didn’t want to spread anything related to the antichrist as I didn’t want to deal with any backlash from that! Also, Fishtail hair is already a style of hair so making an eyebrow style of it could potentially catch on!

I thought, what better way to start a trend than to start off by doing it on the extremely stunning and influential HudaBeauty. Honestly, when I posted the photo I did not think in a million years that Huda would see it let alone repost it and that is where it all began!

From her post, it was then picked up by multiple news agencies such as Metro, The Sun, Yahoo, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Life & Style Magazine, Allure, The Shade Room, ABC News, Glamour Magazine and many more. And has been shared massively online by Facebook pages such as 9GAG and Makeup Goals.

I have had an unbelievable amount of support on this trend. People have been messaging me saying how they have been inspired and recreated the look, It is crazy to think that so many of you love this look when it just started off with me going “Meh if I move the eyebrow a bit up, this could look cool”

If you are interested in seeing people versions of the look you can check out a majority of the looks via the #fishtailbrows hashtag

This trend has completely taken off the ground, so much that Huda’s Sister Alya Kattan herself has gotten in contact with me through account @hudabeauty to tell me how much she likes the video I created of fishtail eyebrows featuring Huda!


Fishtail Brow Tutorial 🐠 @hudabeauty #fishtailbrows

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Massive thank you to everyone who is supporting/likes this trend. Feel free to message me with your versions on Instagram and I will feature it on my story.


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