Best Disney Drawings

best disney drawings

Best Disney Drawings

So, I’m not sure about you but I absolutely love Disney. Disney is one of the main things from your childhood which gives you happiness and joy. And even to this day, you find yourself watching Mulan for the 175th time. In this article, I will be showing you my favorite Disney drawings by one of the most talented artist’s on Instagram @colour_me_creative. She creates a variety of animated drawings by adding her artist flare to the photos. Anyway! I will stop talking and show you her amazing work.



Here we have Ariel swimming in a notebook. That’s not something you see every day! This is an animated video created by the talented Kristina. She has drawn Ariel and somehow managed to edit it so that the water moves. Absolutely spectacular.

Disney Princess Halloween Selfie

This is personally one of my favorites due to how creative it is! Kristina used the storylines of each of them to create this masterpiece. Example being Cinderella being helped by Mice, therefore she gets the cute mouse ears! Aurora also is wearing her enemy “Maleficent” attire which she absolutely rocks! Anna from frozen is wearing what seems to be Olaf which is slightly worrying yet looks super adorable on her.

Baby Dory!

Baby Dory is all time. one of the most adorable Disney characters out there. Dory is beloved as the most vulnerable character due to her short memory and not only this, she is played by the most awesome person on earth, Ellen! This drawing demonstrates how adorable Dory is and was done incredibly well.

Disney Princess Selfie

Here we have the all-time classic Disney princess selfie. This went viral all over the internet shortly after Kristina posted it. And understandably why! Not only did she draw this spectacularly but you can see each of the Disney princesses personalities in this drawing. Must I mention how stunning she draws the hair on each of them?

Rapunzel Lanterns

How creative is this? Kristina Webb took the amazing idea of how much Rapunzel liked drawing and turned it into a fashion statement! I absolutely love the idea of the lanterns on Rapunzel’s walls being painted on Kristina’s nails and she drew the art almost better than Rapunzel herself did!


Who would have thought that a pumpkin painted yellow could be almost an exact replica of a minion! The minion’s faces represent their cheeky personalities, and this is portrayed so well in this piece of art. Also, this could be a piece of inspiration for your next Halloween costume this year? Who knows!

Disney Hair

Wow. That’s all I can say to this! How can someone draw hair this amazing I ask myself? It almost looks as if this photo is glowing. Either that or I’m losing my mind. Either way, it’s worth it because this piece of art is absolutely great. So kudos to you Kristina you’ve done it again!

Disney Princess Combined

This piece is probably the most interesting. Here she combined every single Disney princess there is and created this rainbow masterpiece. If I saw this coming at me on the street I’d probably run, but as artwork this so creative. I honestly have no idea how she comes up with these ideas.

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