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About Instagram: @Skyzeditz is the first official online editing account. Our posts have received more than 100 million views and we’ve been featured in Galore, The Sun, Diply and many more.

We draw on comparisons between natural beauty and makeup, with an aim to highlight public interpretations of beauty in today’s society. Freckles or no freckles? Wavy brows or feather brows? You can find a variety of different edits. From your favorite celebrities as different genders to swapping eye colors with your pets!

We’re always creative and original with our content and ideas – there’s nothing else like it online! We show you how real editing is done. Tutorials will be available soon so make sure you subscribe and be sure to stay tuned.
comments are valued whether it’s what eye color you have, which styles you prefer or even how much highlight is just the right amount.

Please note: Our aim is to highlight different types of beauty and demonstrate how beautiful different is. discrimination to make anybody feel less than anyone else is not tolerated on our site. If this is seen on our social pages or blog posts it will be reported and deleted. Thank you for understanding.